deep tissue massage saint augustine

Deep Tissue Massage St. Augustine

Deep tissue massage benefits a wide range of aches and pains associated with a number of medical conditions. Additionally, the treatment can also treat neck pain, ease joint pain, promote flexibility, and even alleviate sports related injuries. It’s especially effective for tightness and low back pain. It has also been shown to help reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. If you are wondering how this type of massage can benefit me I will tell you by telling you about one of my friends.

deep tissue massage st. augustine

My friend Jennifer has an intense foot pain she deals with on a daily basis. Recently Jennifer had a very successful experience receiving deep tissue massage. She was able to reduce her pain and stiffness almost instantly. After receiving a few treatments from her massage therapist she was feeling better than she had in years.

deep tissue massage st. augustine

There are several types of deep tissue massage including Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, and acupressure. Each type has its own specific benefits and dangers. For example, Swedish massage can cause a temporary numbness in the area being treated. If the recipient of the massage is not used to receiving massages they can experience sore muscles and blisters. This is often caused by a lack of lubrication in the area being treated.

deep tissue massage st. augustine

Many people who are experiencing chronic pain conditions seek deep tissue massage therapy as a solution. If someone has tight muscles and chronic pain, they know how painful it can be. Because the treatment targets tight muscles it can alleviate pain. The increased circulation that accompanies deep tissue massage also helps make it more effective. Having increased circulation promotes healing and is helpful in treating chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and shingles.

deep tissue massage st. augustine

Another benefit from a deep tissue massage treatment is the release of endorphins. These are the body’s natural pain killers and are released during a traditional Swedish massage or acupressure massage. The release of endorphins helps reduce muscle tension and can provide the person with a very relaxing and calming sensation. In a Swedish massage each muscle in the body is targeted individually which provides a much deeper penetration than acupressure and Swedish massages.

deep tissue massage st. augustine

When receiving deep tissue massage, the therapist will apply pressure to the muscles and connective tissues. The patient must be aware that the pressure applied can be quite aggressive and should be practiced with instruction from their therapist. While in deep tissue massage mode the therapist will focus on the deep layers of muscle tissue that run from the neck, to the feet, to the buttock, and to the thighs. It is these muscles that hold the skeletal structure together. If these muscles are not worked correctly, the entire body can suffer from improper posture.

deep tissue massage st. augustine

A great benefit of a deep tissue massage therapy session is the release of lactic acid from the muscles. This allows the muscles to relax and is known as a pre-workout energy boost. Lactic acid is also known to increase endurance and strength in athletes.

Many people suffer from chronic pain problems including inflammation and pain. This is often caused by over-use, repetitive movements, or chronic stress. A deep tissue massage is often used to combat these problems and relieve the patient of their pain. As previously mentioned, this type of massage is often used to correct skeletal imbalances if a client is suffering from chronic pain.

Another common use of a deep tissue massage is for the relief of chronic tension. Chronic tension is often caused by an imbalance of muscle tone and stiffness. If the muscles are too tight, it can lead to pain and restricted movement. If the muscles are too weak, it can result in a loss of full motion or mobility. In order to treat this issue, the therapist will focus on reducing tension throughout the body. Often, this takes place during the first ten minutes of the massage.

Deep Tissue Massage​ Benefits

Because a deep tissue massage is so focused on the muscular structure, it can be helpful to have someone else do the massage for you. Having another person work on your problem areas will allow you to focus on the therapeutic qualities of the massage without interference. Additionally, having another person to help you relax will increase blood flow to the muscles which will help them to relax.

Many people experience different levels of relaxation. For instance, some individuals feel their best when they are completely relaxed while others need to be in a more meditative state. With a deep tissue massage, the therapist will focus on using slow, steady strokes that are not forceful. This is why it is commonly used for individuals who need to relax.

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