Foot Massage Benefits

Foot Massage Near Me St. Augustine

As a professional massage therapist in St Augustine Florida, I get asked a lot where the best place to receive a cheap foot massage near me is. I tell them that it depends on the client and their preferences. For instance, some people want a Swedish massage, while others may want a deep tissue foot massage. In other words, there are different massage techniques available and it depends on each individual massage client which they would like to have.

Foot Massage

There are many massage therapy venues in St Augustine that cater to the foot massage needs of visitors. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a city with more massage therapy facilities. You can find affordable prices on all types of foot massages. Many of the massage studios in St Augustine also offer body wraps, facials, and even detox foot baths as part of their therapeutic services. But how do you know where to go to receive the best foot massage near me?

foot massage near me st. augustine

You don’t have to look very far to get a foot massage near me. If you live in the new city that is right next to me, then you are in luck. The new spa I work at,juvenex spa, is only minutes from my home and one of my most popular services is a foot massage near me.


Here’s what they do. Each appointment starts with a full body foot massage. As the client lies face down on a massage table, we work gently to release tense areas and gently rub the soles of the feet and ankles. After the foot massage, the client is treated to a delicious Japanese teas or other beverage. It really doesn’t get any better than this for those who want to feel relaxed and revitalized after a hard day at work. The foot massage near me makes one feel relaxed and refreshed.

Foot Massage Benefits

How does it help? Research has shown that foot massage helps relax the central nervous system, improves circulation, increases joint flexibility, increases joint mobility and helps reduce stress. It is also known as a “warm bath” because foot massage helps you to relax in the warm water of a bath or shower and it makes you feel much better.


There are so many reasons why anyone would want to come to my place of business and soak their feet. There are so many benefits to soaking your feet in the healthiest foot massage oil and having it prepared by a trained masseuse for ultimate results. There are other foot massagers that cost much more money than a unit like thejuvenex spa, but that’s not necessary when you consider all of the health benefits that come from owning a massage table and the benefits that you and your guests will feel.

foot massage near me st augustine fl

What makes the best foot massage treatment at my place of business different than your place of choice? We offer foot massage treatment in a sauna room that is heated to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and is heated in the back of the sauna to ensure maximum comfort for the customer. We also offer a variety of foot massage treatments including foot massage, foot scrub, foot and ankle massage plus a variety of body and hand massage techniques. We also offer an array of body wraps, body sculpting and foot scrubs. These services are not available at places such as those found on television or in magazines.


The next time you need a break from a hectic workday or a stressful evening at home, don’t think that you have to give up your massage therapy. Many places near me offer foot massages in their establishments or they can create a massaging experience right at your home. It is important that if you have a schedule that you allow time for foot massages because these massages are very time consuming and difficult for most people. Foot massage helps you to relax and reduce stress and it will help to increase blood circulation. When you get a massage like this you will feel pampered and loved and it is definitely worth the price.

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