hand stone massage st augustine

Hand Stone Massage St. Augustine

In the last few years, the art of hand stone massage has grown in popularity and is gaining more followers than ever. This ancient art is based on the principle that the life force, called the chi, travels through all living things, including our own bodies. It is said that the ancient Chinese recognized the effects of chi on the health of their people, so they developed a system to keep this energy from escaping. The concept was later adopted by the Japanese, who developed their own system of hand therapy. The technique was later developed and refined by the Chinese doctors.

hand stone massage st augustine

Hand stone massage involves the use of certain stones that have been carved out of seashells or other natural materials. The stones are often heated by an enema. The heat softens the stones and helps them to pass into the body with the flowing water. The stones are placed on various parts of the body where they can help to release the negative energy, called Qi, and encourage vitality.

In Chinese medicine, these stones are thought to balance the body’s energy flow. When used throughout the body, they are believed to increase circulation as well as improve the strength and elasticity of the joints. They can be used as compressions on specific areas of the body or to stimulate certain parts.


There are several different types of stones that are used throughout the hand therapy technique. Each one has its own purpose, as they have been designed for a particular purpose. For example, there are thao stones, which are small enough to be handled easily, but they are also very effective in stimulating and invigorating the body. Djinn stones are also commonly used. These are large, solid and hard stones, which are used to encourage proper breathing and relaxation. They are also often used to reduce stress and to promote general well-being.

Hot Stone Massage

Not only are the Djinn and Thao stones used for massage purposes, but marbles and kaolin stones are also used. Kaolin is a clay stone that is very absorbent, and it works very well when it is combined with other substances to make it easier to absorb. It has been used for thousands of years to ease the discomfort of sore feet and hands. Marbles, which are spherical and gray in color, are often combined with oils to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Hand stone techniques can be performed by either using the fingers alone or using the entire hand. During the actual massage, the massage therapist uses the fingertips of both hands to apply pressure to the various pressure points. Some people prefer to use just their fingertips while others like to use more of their hand to stimulate points. This is because using the entire hand creates more control over the massage strokes, and it allows them to use smooth movements that emulate the natural flow of movement of the hand itself. The effectiveness of this type of massage relies on the control that the therapist has over the pressure applied. If done correctly, the result will be a sensation of total relaxation of muscles as the masseuse works the stones into the skin.

The two basic types of hand stone massage are wet stone massage and dry stone massage. In wet stone massage, the massage oil is applied to the skin and the rocks are slipped over the surface of the skin. Dry stone massage uses a damp towel to apply the massage oil. The massage oil can come in many different scents, and some are even designed to mask the pungent smell of the Djinn. In addition, some of these products also have added moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated after the massage treatment is finished. The benefits of this form of massage include the soothing effect of the stones, the application of massage oil, and the control of the massage strokes.

These types of massages are useful for improving mobility, improving circulation of blood, and relieving stress. Some of the stones are so fine that they do not even feel like stones, but instead, it feels more like soft pillows that rest on the skin. This type of hand stone massage is perfect for those who have problems with their arthritis or other problems that affect their joints. For these reasons, it is important to have a person specializing in this type of massage because only they can determine which types of stones will provide the best results.

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