lymphatic massage saint augustine

Lymphatic Massage St. Augustine

Lymphatic Massage FL is the most common type of lymphatic massage available today. This massage is usually slow and tends to use light touch to efficiently move fluid through the body when the body can. Lymphatic massages are also very helpful for those who have had trauma, cancer, a mastectomy or other lymphatic tumor removal and chronic lymphatic conditions. The lymphatic system connects all parts of the body together through the lymph nodes. This is basically a long tube like structure that carries fluid from the bone marrow to all parts of the body. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked or narrowed it causes a variety of symptoms including fatigue, flu symptoms, allergies, weight gain, joint pain and stiffness, bad skin, hair loss, depression, bad breath, arthritis and headaches.

lymphatic massage st. augustine

Lymphatic massages occur because lymphatic drainage is necessary for health and wellness. This area of the body has the largest lymphatic flow of all organs in the body. Lymphatic drainage massage focuses on enhancing the lymphatic flow by manipulating lymph nodes and using compression. Many people experience a sore throat with this type of massage. A lymphatic flow massage typically does not feel like a massage at all, rather it feels more like a stretching.

lymphatic massage st augustine

This type of lymphatic massage is done by either a therapist or a massage chair. A manual lymph drainage massage is performed by placing the fingertips on a major muscle group such as the back or neck, the abdomen or groin, and the scrotum. With a manual lymph drainage massage, the therapist will use a long, stroking motion that will focus on increasing lymphatic flow by massaging the major muscle groups in circular movements. Usually the massage is performed one to two minutes and up to five times per hour.

lymphatic massage st augustine fl

Another lymphatic massage that can be performed is called the roller massage. During a roller massage the therapist uses smooth, rounded movements to massage areas that are difficult to reach with a manual massage stroke. It is a very effective treatment for cellulite. The roller movement simulates walking in a smooth, fluid motion, which causes a decrease in the water retention in the skin. This decreased water retention allows the cells to move with greater ease, resulting in the disappearance of the unattractive orange peel look to cellulite.

lymphatic massage saint augustine

Many people suffer from excess fluid retention, also known as bloating. This condition is usually caused by an unhealthy diet, excess weight, or a sedentary lifestyle. The lymphatic system helps to alleviate this condition by assisting the body in transporting waste products through the lymphatic system and to various destinations. Excessive fluid retention is often caused by swelling of the legs. When a person has excess fluid in the tissues of their lower extremities, the lymphatic system does not transport it to its normal destination causing swelling and the formation of lumps and dimples in those areas.

lymphatic massage saint augustine

A lymphatic massage session can include the use of both dry brushing and morellato movements. A dry brushing session typically consists of gentle strokes to encourage lymphatic drainage. A morellato or flushing motion uses light, swift motions to stimulate the lymphatic system. The purpose of a flushing motion is to remove dead cells from the skin and allow the skin to heal. The morellato is often used to treat areas such as the legs, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

lymphatic drainage massage st. augustine

There are numerous other benefits to lymphatic massage. Many people report an increased sense of well being, a reduction in cold symptoms, a decrease in skin irritation, and a boost in immunity. All of these benefits are due to lymphatic drainage. lymphatic drainage helps to eliminate toxins from the body and improve the immune system. More specifically, lymphatic drainage massage increases the movement of lymph fluid through the lymphatic system which enhances the immune system and overall health. This increase in lymph flow reduces swelling and detoxifies the body which leads to more oxygen and nutrients flowing through the blood and tissue.

lymphatic drainage massage st augustine

Many individuals are unaware of the benefits of lymphatic drainage and lymphatic massage so take the time to learn more about this ancient art and practice. Massage will increase lymphatic flow and increase lymphatic drainage which can help reduce cellulite. Also, massage is a great way to alleviate tension, relax sore muscles, increase range of motion, relieve headaches, improve circulation, and so much more. This treatment can help you reach your maximum physical potential.

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