Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage St. Augustine

A pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to enhance your pregnancy experience. It can provide relief to your pains and relax you. But like any form of massage, it also has some risks; therefore, it is not appropriate for all women or for every pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can definitely help to alleviate some of your pains and other benefits for the mother-to-be as well.

Pregnancy Massage

Blood pressure: While pregnant women are always at risk of hypertension, a pregnancy massage technique can help to bring down this risk during labor. Studies show that giving a woman a massage before labor can lower her blood pressure by 10%. This is because the muscles relaxes the large muscle groups in the body which can compress the blood vessels in the body. It is also believed that pregnant women who are relaxed during a massage session tend to be healthier than those who are stressed out and anxious. Some studies have shown that women who get a massage therapy before labor actually have lower rates of early labor than those who are stress out.

Mood Swings and Anxiety: One of the most common complaints of first trimester mothers is moodiness and anxiety. A massage can actually alleviate these feelings of worry and tension. The relaxation techniques and rhythmic movements in a pregnancy massage can calm the nervous system. This is good for the mother-to-be and helps her body prepare mentally for childbirth.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits

Lower Back Pain: Women are prone to back pain during pregnancy. This is especially true in the first trimester when the ligaments and muscles of the back are being stretched so much. During a pregnancy massage techniques such as effleurage can really enhance and ease the pain. There are massage techniques that target the shoulders, buttocks and legs as well.

Postpartum Women: When women go in to receive a postnatal massage, it is believed to increase their chances of getting pregnant by one-third. A woman’s hormones may react differently after giving birth, but when she gets a massage, the flow of hormones will be slowed down. This can also minimize fatigue and lessen soreness after birth. Some mothers even say that the relaxation and soothing postnatal massage may be able to help them get pregnant faster!

High Blood Pressure: Many people think that massage during pregnancy will help with high blood pressure, but there is no evidence to support this claim. A massage therapist may not be able to lower your blood pressure, but they can certainly relax you. During a pregnancy, blood flow to the uterus increases, which can cause an increase in pressure. A relaxing massage may also reduce some of your fainting spells after giving birth.

pregnancy massage st augustine

Your Newborn Baby: Even though massage therapy may not help with labor, some women take it during the last trimester as a way to bond with their newborn. Most expectant mothers receive massages before they give birth, as a way to relax and bond with their baby. Many doctors even recommend that women who are pregnant take massage therapy as a way to bond with the child, much in the same way that mothers bond with their babies in the womb. However, it should be noted that this is not medically necessary, and many hospitals do not offer any maternity massage services. If you would like to have a massage with your newborn, check with your hospital personally to see if they have any programs for new mothers to have massage therapy while pregnant.

pregnancy massage st. augustine

There are many other ailments that pregnancy massage helps to alleviate, including back pain, headaches, insomnia, depression, stress, and tension. All of these problems can be traced to having the wrong diet or not enough sleep during pregnancy. A prenatal massage will relax your whole body and improve circulation. It will also help relieve tension and promote a healthy way to sleep, which is important for everyone.

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