prenatal massage near me saint augustine

Prenatal Massage St. Augustine

Prenatal massage is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. I found out when my daughter was delivered. She had a really tough delivery and spent a week in the hospital, which added to her pain. We planned a trip to an experienced massage practitioner before we left for the hospital.

prenatal massage st. augustine

“The Doctor will see you tomorrow,” I wrote in my checkbook, “for a prenatal massage.” I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait to have that relaxing experience! On our way to the hospital, I explained to JoAnne, our pediatrician, that I had read about prenatal massage and wanted to try it out. She told me that there are several different types of massages that can help mothers-to-be.

prenatal massage st augustine

“”That sounds great,” I said, “but which type of massage?” JoAnne recommended a St Augustine City based therapist named Myrna Piccinini. She had done prenatal massages with her own children and knew what she was talking about. Myrna specializes in soothing the arches of the spine and has helped thousands of women feel their best after giving birth. I figured she must have seen my St Augustine City pictures and could give me a nice picture of the St Augustine City sights and sounds that I would be seeing.

prenatal massage st augustine fl

Before I left for the hospital, I told JoAnne of my hope of getting a prenatal massage near my hotel room. “”I can get you the head and feet massaged right over the sink,” she said. I was glad I could at least get the comforting head and feet massage that helped relieve back pain and make the pain more bearable during my pregnancy.

The next morning, after having a good sleep, I went to visit my doctor again. This time, he confirmed my fears and explained how my pregnancy had increased my aches and pains. He gave me some medication to take and explained how a prenatal massage offers a great way to not only soothe the aches and pains but also help relax the whole body. As he continued, I realized that he was right. A prenatal massage offers a great way to not only soothe aches and pains during pregnancy, but also helps the body relax and feel relaxed by relieving stress.

prenatal massage near me st. augustine

There are many reasons why a prenatal massage could relieve pregnancy-related discomfort. In the first trimester, the ligaments that support the uterus and baby are very fragile and can easily be torn. This causes cramping, nausea, vomiting, leg cramps, diarrhea, and fatigue. A prenatal massage during the first trimester could help relieve those symptoms as well as reduce the tearing of these important ligaments.

prenatal massage near me saint augustine

During the second trimester, the baby is getting bigger and heavier and can weigh several pounds. This can put a great deal of pressure on the mother’s spine. A prenatal massage therapist could gently massage the back and neck of the expectant mother to help reduce and even eliminate the back and neck pain and increase the mother’s comfort and relief from strain. St Augustine City mothers do not have to live with these symptoms forever.

During the third trimester, the baby weighs close to 5 pounds and has grown several inches during the course of the pregnancy. The spine is now fully supported by two strong bones, and the ligaments have stretched to their maximum length. The body mechanics of pregnancy, along with the added weight of the baby and the added strain placed on the mother’s back, could cause all manner of discomforts and pains for the expectant mother. A prenatal massage therapist can alleviate those aches, pains, and other discomfort that could have been soothed or relieved by this ancient method.

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