foot reflexology saint augustine

Reflexology St. Augustine

Reflexology is a hands-on, non-invasive treatment that uses pressure to stimulate specific areas of the body. The theory behind reflexology is that there are specific reflex points on each foot that correspond to certain body organs and glands, thereby allowing for proper balance and function. Keep in mind that human foot is actually an evolved marvel, able to handle hundreds of gigabytes of pressure and your entire weight in movement. For this reason, I’m quite certain that reflexology can have positive effects on our health, even if the benefits aren’t immediately noticeable.

reflexology st. augustine

Let’s take a look at how reflexology can improve your overall well-being. A good reflexology session should relieve pain anywhere in your foot (especially the injured region). By “releasing” or “painting” these reflex points, you help restore balance to your body and prevent injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. If you suffer from pain on one foot, try another foot. Or, if you’re feeling particularly uncomfortable, sit down with a therapist and have them start both feet in a chair and have them relax while they focus on their corresponding toes.

reflexology st augustine

As for the theory itself, some reflexologists believe that the body is represented by a grid, with each point corresponding to a particular organ or gland. They say that a particular area of the foot corresponds to the kidney, liver, spleen, bladder, pancreas, and so forth. Because each major organ or gland is connected to several feet, it follows that foot reflexology can treat those particular organs/glands as well as other parts of the body. Many reflexologists also believe that certain points on the foot correspond to certain internal organs, such as the liver, lungs, stomach, and so forth. If those internal organs are treated by stimulating them, then foot reflexology can be used to treat both feet simultaneously.

foot reflexology st. augustine

There are many who are skeptical of reflexology and it has been seen as nothing more than a scam. After all, there is no documented medical evidence to suggest that foot massages relieve pain and discomfort, and if they do, they only do so temporarily. Also, there is the issue of safety. Certainly it would be preferable if there were documented medical documents to support any sort of therapy, but unfortunately this is just not the case.

foot reflexology saint augustine

The theory is that when there is pressure or trauma on an organ or nerve, it sends “pain signals” throughout the entire body to cause injury to other nerves or organs, as well as increase the pain sensitivity of the affected area. In theory, then, when the area is “pounded” by reflexology points, the pain will decrease because the flow of blood and life energy is decreased to that particular area. However, most of the time, a reflexology treatment will not have any measurable effect on a nerve or organ. However, the reduced blood flow and life force may be enough to alleviate pain, as the decreased amount of energy in the extremities can make weight bearing more painful.

foot reflexology near me st augustine

The practice is often referred to as “neuro-therapy,” since it works on stimulating the nervous system and the central nervous system through the use of reflexology points. By stimulating the nerves, the central nervous system and the brain are able to better control and regulate muscle tension. The result is increased overall flexibility and mobility, as well as the relief of muscle spasms and cramps. This increased flexibility comes from improved blood flow and life force, as well as from the relaxation reflexology points, which relax and release muscle tension throughout the body.

However, there are limitations of reflexology and there is no evidence that it supports healthy behaviours or helps you to lead a more fulfilling life. You cannot take reflexology as a medical intervention. Reflexology may help to reduce pain, but it is ultimately a symptom based method. This means that if you want to treat and relieve pain, other medical treatments are required. If you want to increase your general well-being and improve your lifestyle, you should look at other methods such as exercise, diet, and meditation.

reflexology saint augustine

In addition to reducing pain and enhancing the health of your body, reflexology massage is also known to help to stimulate the immune system. Therefore, you may find that you feel better after a reflexology massage as well. To find a qualified and licensed reflexology massage therapist in your area, talk with your friends and family members who have received this treatment and/or visit a free clinic in your area to experience reflexology for yourself.

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